The Phases

Chiropractic is a medicine that has existed for over 120 years. The treatment focuses on blockages in the functioning of the musculoskeletal device and the relationship with the nervous system. A chiropractor controls the spine on subluxions. Through thorough research and targeted treatment, the chiropractor locates and corrects these subluxations. This restores the flow of the nerves and allows the body to heal itself again. The chiropractors have trained these techniques for years so that they can be used safely and comfortably. In addition to manipulation, chiropractors still use many other techniques. The chiropractic treatment can be distinguished in three phases:

Intensive / corrective phase:
The patient receives chiropractic care in a shorter time frame. At this stage, the chiropractic corrections will focus on large blockades to increase the freedom of movement of the vertebral column.

Stabilizing phase:
Chiropractic corrections take place to stabilize the blockade-free state of the vertebral column.

Maintenance phase:
This phase depends on the nature of the complaint, the general health and the age of the patient. Good chiropractic maintenance reduces the risk of recurrence of blockages and improves your freedom of movement.

The treatments are often given ergonomic advice, specific exercises and general health advice, to speed up recovery as much as possible. Because many back problems are the direct consequence of our daily habits, they unfortunately tend to come back in the long run. Therefore, your chiropractor will discuss with you what measures are needed to minimize the risk of new back pain.

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