Chiropractic care begins
with a strong philosophy

INTER CHIRO's philosophy is based on the idea that when your nervous system is free of blockages, your body functions better. In other words, if the spinal column is blocked, communication between the body and the brain is disturbed. As a result, the body can not function optimally.

Healthcare has developed into a more preventive approach. We see that more and more people find their way to natural care, such as chiropractic. Many people think that because chiropractors target the spinal column, they can only help with complaints like back pain, neck pain or headache. However, there is much more that chiropractic can mean than just relieving pain.

Chiropractic helps people to function optimally so that they can achieve total health and well-being. We think it is very important that our clients get insight into how their body can heal and that it is better if the nervous system has fewer disturbances. We believe that chiropractic care should be an integral part of your daily life because it restores the balance in various body systems. This allows you to better adapt to new situations and flourish in an environment of constant change.

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Happy 172th Birthday D.D. Palmer



Bij INTER CHIRO streven wij ernaar om uw gezondheid, vitaliteit en de kwaliteit van leven te verbeteren en ziektegevoeligheid en voortijdige veroudering te verminderen door middel van chiropractische zorg.

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