The Big Idea

In order to understand health we need to consider what controls health, your central nervous system. The central nervous system is made up of the brain and spinal cord and communicates via the nerves to every organ, cells and tissues of the body, allowing it to self-heal, regulate and maintain health. The spinal cord is a long bundle of nerve tissue which extends from the lower part of your brain down through your spinal column.

Along the way smaller braids branch off from the cord and pass out from the spine between each of the movable vertebrae. These nerves divide further into microscopic nerve fibers which reaches each tissue, cell and organ of the body. Every human has an estimated 15 billion nerve cells sending and receiving messages through the spinal cord. Our nervous systems is very delicate and is therefore protected by our spine.

A normal healthy spine has 24 moveable vertebrae, each working as a team, with the one above and below it. A disc separates the vertebrae and acts like a shock absorber and a spacer for the nerve. It is important to value that the spine projects the spinal cord and the delicate nerve tissue and allows us to bend flex, twist and move freely without compromising the nerves. The spine surrounds and protects the nervous system. If the function of the spine is disrupted we refer to this as a vertebral subluxation complex. Subluxations puts pressure on the nervous system distorting the communication between the brain and the body, causing it to perform less optimally. This can also lead to a variety of symptoms or disease states.

Through focused examination of the spine the chiropractor locates and corrects these subluxations, taking pressure off the nervous system and ultimately restoring normal communication between the brain and the body. The body can once again self-heal, regulate and maintain health, performing optimally like before. If the nerve supply anywhere in the body is disturbed, it can eventually lead to a complaint.

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